Sturdy Foods
Sturdy Foods

Shortcrust Pie Shells

A true pie is a delicious filling encased in pastry. Don't settle for serving a stew with a pastry hat!

Why not serve your customers the true version of this classic British dish with our shortcrust pie shells, made from a fantastically light and buttery shortcrust pastry. Each one is crafted by hand to create a superb tasting and great looking product with which to create your own flavours and ideas.

They will also save many hours of labour and preparation time and help you provide your customers with a consistent product time and time again. By being able to add your own filling combinations, seasonal, weekly or even daily specials become a way to keep your menu interesting and your customers coming back for more!

Simply add your own meat or vegetarian fillings and top with either mash potato or pastry lid, reheat and serve to order within minutes. It's as easy as pie! Supplied in cases of 12 shells per box and blast frozen with a 12 month shelf life.

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At the Fairfax Arms, we strive for quality and consistency. This is what Sturdy pie cases give us. They offer the homemade impression not only in look but also taste. We regularly get comments on how nice the pastry is. Thay are also very sturdy and universal to whatever flavour you put in them.
A must try for any kitchen looking for a quality consistent product.

Ben Turner - Head Chef, The Fairfax Arms, Gilling East

Consistently exceptional products that will save you time, delight your customers and add value to your business.