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Sturdy Foods

Sourdough Pizza Dough Balls

Consistent product is the key to keeping customers coming back.

Developed with renowned Neopolitan pizza expert, Davide D’Auria, our sourdough pizza dough balls are made with top quality Italian flour and natural yeast.

Using a traditional recipe, our dough balls have stunning flavour and will allow you to make pizzas your customers will return for time and time again.

Eliminating the need to produce fresh dough in house, our dough balls will save you many labour hours whilst allowing you to serve a completely consistent product to your customers. They have been developed to work equally well with wood fired, deck or conveyor ovens and are very easy to use, reducing requirements for skilled labour in your kitchen.

Supplied in cases of 80 dough balls in various weights.

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I have been using Sturdy Foods sourdough pizza dough balls for several years and have found them to be a very reliable and super quality product that gives us a competitive edge and allows us to serve pizzas that our customers regularly come back for.

Mark Young - Owner, Sela bar in Leeds and The Pizza Bus

Consistently exceptional products that will save you time, delight your customers and add value to your business.