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Sourdough Pizza Package

Would you like to be able to serve your customers with delicious sourdough pizzas with no skilled labour or large upfront investment?

Pizza is now the most popular food purchased in restaurants, the 2nd most popular item bought in supermarkets and the 4th most popular dinner item purchased in fast food restaurants.

Get your share of this fast growing market and offer customers a product they will return for time and time again with our unique to the market pizza package.

Designed to make you money, save you time and delight your customers.


  • Instantly add a profitable new service to your business with minimal upfront cost.

  • NO skilled labour required to prepare the pizzas. No need to employ an additional chef or member of staff.

  • Guaranteed product consistency meaning high levels of repeat business.

  • Instant increase in revenue and profit for your business.

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    What is included in the package?

  • A high speed oven capable of cooking a pizza from frozen in under 3 minutes. No long waiting times.

  • A choice of suggested menus to suit your establishment with all toppings and accessories provided if needed.

  • Supply of sourdough pizza bases.

  • Full marketing and point of sale support including menu design and posters bespoke to your business.

  • Weekly deliveries and supply of pizza toppings if required. All accessories you need to be able to start serving straight away.

  • Full operations manual provided which includes all information required to serve the pizzas.

  • Show me the money!

    Download our costings table here


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    Oven costs and finance options

    Our ovens are provided in partnership with and are easy to use, very reliable and come with full after-sales support along with training support that you will receive when the oven is delivered.

    The most cost effective way to finance your oven is by leasing. The oven package works out at between £5 - £6 per day on a 3 year lease purchase plan. You only need to sell 1 pizza per day to cover the costs of leasing the oven and the rest is all profit.

    What do I need to do next? - Simply call us on 01765 641200 and we will be delighted to talk you through the options for your business and answer any further questions you may have.

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