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Sturdy Foods

Sourdough Vegetable Pizza Dough Balls

Developed with renowned Neopolitan pizza master, Davide D'Auria, our new sourdough vegetable pizza dough is a visually stunning and unique product with which to offer your customers a truly different pizza experience!

Using our base sourdough pizza dough recipe with added vegetable flavours, these dough balls offer a great menu alternative to a normal dough and will get your customers talking about your business.

Available in the following flavours

  • Beetroot dough

  • Spinach dough

  • Sweet potato and chickpea flour dough

  • As well as being visually striking, our range of vegetable pizza dough also adds incredible flavours that can be matched with various pizza toppings. They are completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans and with appropriate toppings can create a fabulous alternative pizza for these dietary groups.

    Supplied in cases of 80 dough balls in various weights.

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