We are a supplier of top quality Italian ingredients to restaurants across the UK, we listed Sturdy Foods pizza Dough Balls & Sourdough when our incumbent supplier let us down on supply & have not looked back since. Excellent quality products, excellent service & support. Our sales have increased due to the better quality products and consistent supply. Highly recommend!
Clare Gorse – Purchasing Manager, Continental Wine and Foods, Huddersfield
After being asked for more and more meat free alternative products, we put Sturdy Foods meat free burger on our menus and it has been a real success. We’ve had great feedback and customers love the healthier but amazing tasting option it provides. Highly recommended!
Will Robinson, Stone Willy’s Kitchens
At the Fairfax Arms, we strive for quality and consistency. This is what Sturdy Foods pie cases give us. They offer the homemade impression not only in look but also taste. We regularly get comments on how nice the pastry is. They are universal to whatever flavour you put in them and offer a great way for us to serve incredible pies. A must try for any kitchen looking for a way to serve a consistent quality pie!
Ben Turner – Head Chef, The Fairfax Arms, Gilling East
I have been using Sturdy Foods sourdough pizza dough balls for several years and have found them to be a very reliable and superb quality product that allows us to serve top quality pizzas that our customers love eating.
Mark Young – Owner, Sela Bar, Leeds
These pies are the best pies we’ve ever had. Our customers absolutely adore them. They are eye catching, full of quality meat and flavour and just amazing.
The King’s Arms, Reeth, North Yorkshire
At Piglets, we were looking for a solution to serve great pizza to our customers at our Barn café. We were struggling to find a solution that could provide our customers with consistency and quality without high set up costs and that would work with untrained staff. Sturdy Foods sourdough pizza bases provided a fantastic way of us solving this problem and we are now serving thousands of pizzas each year with ease. We get many positive comments on our pizzas and our customers love them!
Katherine Richardson, Catering Manager, Piglets Adventure Farm, York
We use Sturdy Foods sourdough pizza bases for our Barrel Top pizza concept within our diverse pub portfolio. Serving a high quality product is essential for us in generating repeat business within our pub estate and Sturdy Foods pizza bases offer that great solution without the need for high-skilled labour. We are very pleased with the business growth in this evolving area since working with Sturdy Foods.
Miles Selby, Procurement Director, Ei Group
Having built up our reputation for nearly forty years our customers expect the best and we never doubt supplying Sturdy Pies as we know that they will never fail to deliver the high standard that our customers are accustomed to.
Kate Atkinson, R&J Catering Butchers, North Yorkshire
Sturdy Foods makes Pizzas and Pastry products with the best ingredients, hand finished to make them look as good as they taste. James Sturdy knows his craft!
Grahame Armitage, Managing Director, Crofters Foods Ltd
We’ve been using the Sourdough Pizza base from Sturdy Foods for the last 12 months and it has gone brilliantly with our customers. The dough is consistently great which is vital for us. The pizza cooks in just 2 minutes from frozen yet tastes like it was freshly prepared from scratch.
Will Robinson, Managing Director, Stone Willy’s Pizza
As a busy London restaurant that prides ourselves on our reputation for great quality food served quickly, it is essential we are serving our customers a consistently great product. Sturdy foods pies are very good quality and super easy to serve. Our customers return time and time again to order the pies and they have been a successful product for us for a number of years now.
Euan Ferguson, Director, Mother Mash Restaurants, London

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